Strategy - Backtest Uber WAE - Waddah Attar Explosion [UTS]

Backtest of WAE - Waddah Attar Explosion

Backtest with focus win/loss profitability.
Formula: profitability = win / (win+loss)

  • Default equity 100k USD
  • Default 2% Risk per trade
  • Default currency USD
  • Define backtest interval precisely by month, year, day
  • LONG and SHORT positions
  • Visualize SL and TP on chart
  • ATR (len: 14, smooth: SMA )
  • ATR based Stop-Loss, if hit trade will be closed and considered as loss
  • ATR based Take-Profit, if hit trade will be closed and considered as win
  • On TP or SL hit the trade is closed and marked as win/loss
Release Notes: Fixed wrong SL/TP execution

Visit http://ubertradingsystems.com or send a direct message for information about indicator access.

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