Kashikoi [BACKTEST]

🔰 Kashikoi Anaraiza BACKTEST

📌This indicator is a tool to backtest the Kashikoi Anaraiza indicator which has the alerts. To see which custom strategies, indicators, settings, TP/SL performed in backtest.

📌Can test any combination of indicators and settings
🔹Trend Analyzer - Trend Reversals
🔹RyuKumo - BULL / BEAR
🔹EMAs / MAs
🔹Ichimoku - Breakouts / TK Crosses
🔹Breakouts S/R
🔹Stoch RSI
🔹Custom TP/SL %
🔹Trailing Stoploss
🔹Will add more features in future updates and as requested

📌Note: This is a tool to test various settings, to find optimal timeframes, TP/SL %, strategy parameters and testing. Which can save time from tediously manually testing. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Release Notes: Updated to latest Kashikoi updates and features

See Kashikoi indicator for latest updates
Release Notes: 📌Updated to latest version of Kashikoi indicator
🔹Updated to pine script v4
🔹Added PYRAMID Method option
🔹Added labels with price and profit %
🔹Added SL, TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4 to close trade strategy parameters
🔹Removed Multi EMA trend and RSI strategy parameter options
Release Notes: 📌Minor update fixes
🔹Fixed the TP/SL for custom inputs option
🔹Adjusted SL horizontal labels text offset for move SL up when targets reached option to not overlap TP text
🔹Edited some text
Release Notes: 📌Several updates please read👇

📌Updated the backtester to latest version of Kashikoi indicator updates please see the indicator for the full details.

📌Added the following to the custom strategy:
🔹Ichimoku cloud bullish/bearish
🔹ATR Trailing Stop
🔹Pivots - daily, weekly, monthly

📌Removed Stoch RSI, MACD, B1, B2, B3 options.
Release Notes: 📌Minor quick update
Release Notes: 📌New update to improve compile issues

📌Removed ATR, not needed since has other better methods to use and choose from

📌Removed Stoch RSI, not needed or used much

📌Removed Ichi Cloud2, not needed since already has Ichimoku and cloud options
Release Notes: 📌Updated improvements to RyuTA indicator TR logic

📌Added ADAPTIVE TR MODE option - Improves adaptation to trend faster

📌Added FILTER5 - filter option removes false signals for TR

📌Removed the Move SL Up Each Target trailing stoploss option, still has auto/custom trailing stoploss percent option

📌Fixes and updated text
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can you grant me 3 days trial on this so i can test it out?