Flunki Multi timeframe MTF VWAPs

Multiple Timeframe VWAP plots.

Seven of them.

With colour flips and plot horizontal options.

Possibly more VWAP than you need... but you have an on / off option for each.


Add me on Twitter @flunkimoku or find me in the OneX discord..

Release Notes: Tweak colours, added a Previous VWAP close timeframe... enjoy :)

twitter @flunkimoku
Release Notes: fixed preview
Release Notes: Tweaked a few things, tidied up the inputs and made the previous VWAP close into a line plot (green / orange), I hate the crosses for some reason..
May do a version with all line plots in the future...

Release Notes: Mostly cosmetic update
Added option to turn the plots into lines instead of circles
This will filp the previous close level to circles so you can see whats what...

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