ASFX Signals

The ASFX Signals Indicator, created by OmegaTools, is an open-source Pine Script™ code designed to provide traders with valuable signals for potential entry and exit points in the market. This script incorporates a combination of Exponential Moving Average (EMA) signals and Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) confluence, enhancing the precision of trading decisions.

Key Features:
Threshold Configuration: Users can customize the threshold parameter (thres) to fine-tune signal sensitivity, adapting the indicator to different market conditions.
EMA Length Customization: The script allows traders to adjust the length of the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) with the "EMA Length" input, providing flexibility in capturing various trends.
Show/Hide Options: Users have the flexibility to choose whether to display the EMA line, VWAP confluence, and VWAP upper and lower bands, tailoring the visual representation based on individual preferences.
VWAP Confluence: The indicator integrates VWAP confluence, offering additional confirmation for trading signals. Traders can choose the VWAP resolution and set the deviation parameter for enhanced accuracy.
Signal Filtering: The script intelligently filters signals based on the percentage of the candle that crosses the EMA. Long signals are filtered out if the closing price is above the VWAP or the specified threshold, and short signals are filtered out if the closing price is below the VWAP or the threshold.
Visual Signals: The indicator provides clear visual signals for long and short entries, making it easy for traders to identify potential opportunities. The signals are accompanied by arrows and labels for quick interpretation.

How to Use:
Adjust the threshold, EMA length, and VWAP parameters based on your trading preferences.
Choose whether to display the EMA line, VWAP confluence, and upper/lower bands.
Interpret long and short signals for potential entry and exit points, considering the percentage of the candle that crosses the EMA.
Consider additional confirmation provided by VWAP confluence.

Concepts and Methodology:
The ASFX Signals Indicator combines EMA signals and VWAP confluence to generate actionable trading signals. The script intelligently considers the percentage of the candle that crosses the EMA, providing a nuanced approach to signal confirmation. The EMA offers trend insights, while VWAP confluence enhances signal reliability.

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