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This scripts shows a tool which enables switching between settings without opening the settings
In this case you can switch between a RSI of 3 different tickers, 3 different higher timeframes, and 4 different lengths.

How does it work?

The position of a 'time line' is compared with the position of a box.
Changing the position of the line changes the settings.

The settings need to be set upfront though,
if you want to switch between length 7, 10, 14, 21 they need to be set first.

One wants to switch between RSI of SOLUSDT, ADAUSDT and FILUSDT

First set your tickers
-> Settings -> Set 1 -> Ticker

Then tap/click and move the line

And there you go!

The same with Timeframe and Length

It is not possible to automatically set the boxes/line at current time,
so these (settings -> date at Box, Line) need to be set in the beginning

Release Notes:
Fixed potential repaint

Non-continue symbols (stocks, ... with no trades in weekend,...) can cause visual issues, due to the absence of certain dates.
Release Notes:
Added the new feature chart.left_visible_bar_time and chart.right_visible_bar_time so the 'box date' became unnecessary,
now you only have to adjust the 'line date'
Release Notes:
This script is part of a collection of educational scripts
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