BTC Historic

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Merged Bitstamp and Mt Gox precrash data.

To use you will need to use any chart with a start time before 7/2010. You will need this to see all the data otherwise it will get cut off. Publishing ideas using this indicator will spam some other symbol so I would not recommend doing so (sorry XAUUSD             ).

Click the "eye" button next to the primary security to hide it.
Make sure the indicator scale is set to "Right".
Right click on the right axis, and uncheck "Scale Series Only"

Note: Since this is going to be overlayed onto another chart it will likely be missing weekend data. If anyone knows of a current chart that is 24/7 that has data prior to July 2011 please leave a comment.

You can tweak the price weight between Gox and Stamp and the point when the data starts to blend to the time when Gox went off a cliff             .

- Key date values:
1377 is Jan-6-2014
1385 is Jan-15-2014 (default)
1337 is about the ATH             (coincidentally)
1192 is July-5-2013

--- Custom indicators for historic data:
I updated to the latest versions

- BTC Historic RSI
created by @debani (
original here:
Fixed Historical BTC Data with RSI + Lower Timeframes

- BTC Histroric Willy
original indicator by @CRInvestor (
created by @flibbr (
original here:
BTC Historical with Custom RSI and Custom Willy for it..

- BTC Historic Ichimoku

thanks to @flibbr, @debani for the indicators

Let me know if you have questions, comments.
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study("BTC Historic", overlay=true)
// author: munkeefonix
// pastebin:
// more info about the indicator here:
// notes:
//  Must be overlayed on to a chart with data from July 2010 to Now 
//  Click the "eye" button next to the primary security to hide it.
//  Set the in