Chande Momentum Oscillator - Alerts and Regions

It seemed weird to me that the default Chande didn't have overbought and oversold regions, despite them being described for Chande Momentum and working very well. So I added the lines and alert conditions. I've used this to very good results in my day trading.

My strategy involved 4 timeframes of candlestick , each with 4 timeframes of Chande overlaid. Candlesticks are 5 min, 20 min, 80 min, 320 min and Chandes are x1, x2, x4 and x8 of the relevant time zone. Give it a shot. Use the 5 min Chande as Buy and Sell signal with the other timeframes for trend confirmation. You may get a lot of extra alerts with this setup, but it's almost impossible to really miss an opportunity if you use it right. It will take up all your free time though, as a warning. Using this strat made me go crazy.

Use the chande crossing over the lines as the signal, not just being in the region, as that will make you buy early.
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