Moon Phases Strategy 2015 till 2021

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Moon Phases Strategy

Thank you to Author: Dustin Drummond for allowing me to use his Moon Phase strategy code and modify it. I wanted to test out the accuracy of the moon phase. And I could not have done it without his code

It was created to test the Moon Phase theory compared to just a buy and hold strategy.
It buys on full Moon and sells on the new moon. I also have added the ability to add stop loss and target profit if anyone wants to tinker with it. This strategy uses hard-coded dates from 1/1/2015 until 12/31/2021 only! Any dates outside of that range need to be added manually in the code or it will not work.

I may or may not update this so please don't be upset if it stops working after 12/31/2021.
Feel free to use any part of this code and please let me know if you can improve on this strategy.


50% accurate using data from 2015 till today.

I find a buy and hold strategy to have outperformed the moon phase.
It does have its value. It might be used as a confluence with other established indicators.
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