Flat Detect By Bollinger Bands

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This simple script indicate the potential flat market zones, calculated based on the Bollinger Bands width.
It's showing the Bollinger Bands in red when the market is detected as flat.

You can adjust the Width Threshold with precision on the inputs settings.

Enjoy :)
Release Notes:
Default values was optimized for BTCUSDT pair under 4h TimeFrame.
Play with "StdDev" and "Threshold Width" to get better results depending the pairs and timeframes you using
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Alerts Added
Release Notes:
- Alerts take now the ATR filter option in consideration:
Before this update, the alerts was only take in consideration the Bollinger Bands filter and not the ATR Filter.
Now it's take ATR filter option in consideration

- You can now choose the Bollinger Bands Width Threshold in %:
To do it, select the "Threshold Type" to "%". it will use the "Threshold Width in %" value.
You still be able to use the old version by select the "Threshold Type" to "Ticks". it will use the "Threshold Width in Ticks (Old version)" value.

If you use alerts on this indicator, always setup your alerts trigger to "Once Per Bar Close" to avoid false signals.

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