Pivot Points (Channel | Fib | Support/Resistances)

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auto pivot point channel, channel fibonacci and support/resistance lines
Release Notes:

- Better way to find pivot points and suitable support and resistance channel lines, more options so you can adjust the channel to better fit your chart. The bug where the channel changed once the price went over the main resistance/support line is now fixed, channel now updates when better one is found when new pivot points are added.

- Customizable styles and colors for main support/resistance lines.

- Customizable styles and colors for fib lines.

- RSI Heatmap inside the channel. Because why not :)
Heres an example with a normal heatmap :

- Alerts (WIP)
Work in progress, alerts wont trigger, so for now it shows a label when the price is within X% of the main support or resistance line.
Release Notes:
Bugfix: No channel found when max pivot points = 2.
Release Notes:
- separated pivot points source into two sources (a test and a value source) for more flexibility.
- ex. Pivot high test source is used to test for a high pivot point, if yes the price is taken from Pivot high source. Previously used the same source for both.

- added support to use the old method for finding the best channel, someone said in the comments it was better.
- keep and to get the same results as the first version of this script (before the update).
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