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Hello traders

💎 Access to this paid script can be requested through our website: link is in my signature and on my profile page (www.tradingview.com/u/Daveatt)

💎 This script is not a trading indicator but an exit investment indicator.

After a big move and especially when we're at All-time-high or all-time-low levels, it's really a best random guess to exit.
We designed this algorithm to give an early TOP/BOTTOM signal allowing to exit near:

  • the highest price of a LONG movement
  • the lowest price of a SHORT movement

We built this system knowing the followings:

1) Any asset moving strongly UP or DOWN will retrace at some point.
2) And the faster it goes UP/DOWN, the more violently it will retrace.

This is one of the few guarantees we have in trading - the market MUST punish the greedy investors/traders who dare never taking profit

This indicator is really amazing

📊 Performance

This is a very simple trading strategy.

It's never easy to take profit as we always fear of missing out.

Now, it's much easier and designed to:

  • multiply your stack
  • give a few trades per year only

What to do after exiting your stack?

1) Best case scenario:

You were long and exited and then it drops a lot.
The perfect scenario where we can get back in with a dollar cost average methodology or using your favorite trading indicator(s)

2) You exited but it keeps going and going

That's totally OK to take profit, this is never a mistake - repeat it an hundred times until your brain agrees with this statement.
Of course, you can re-enter using your favorite indicator(s)

Even if the scenario 2) happens, the scenario 1) should largely offset the missed-out profits.

Which asset classes?

Compatible with anything than can be held long-term.

Namely, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities.

⌚ Which Timeframes?

It's compatible with an hourly and a 2-hours timeframes.
We mostly use here the H2 timeframe to exit our HODL positions

🔔 Alerts

Alerts are obviously enabled for both directions

Best regards
Release Notes:
Optimized the exit signals
Reminder: to be used on an 2-hours timeframe and to exit after a big upwards/downwards movement
Release Notes:
Version 2.1
Pushed a fix for the alerts

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