NCTA Cycle Finder

Cycle Finder

The NCTA Cycle Finder is one of three technical indicators that are part of the Profit Flow Analytics.

New Cycle Trading and Analytics is a group of traders creating market analytics for traders. The objective is to take complex combinations of multiple technical pattern indicators and present to the trader a simple, single entry signal.

The NCTA Cycle Finder is designed to identify the beginning of new, trending cycles. It is excellent in short 1, 3, and 5 minute timeframes for futures traders and short term options traders. Longer timeframes such as the 5, 10, and 30 minute timeframes work well for options traders.

This indicator consists of a simple, single entry indicator designed to provide an entry very close to the shift on the intra-day cycle. It provides a warning that a cycle shift may be coming by printing a grey bar. Bars above the zero line imply a possible new long cycle developing. Grey bars below the zero line imply a possible new short cycle is developing.

Once the indicator has confirmed a new cycle is developing, a dark blue or red bar will print. Dark blue above the zero line is the trader’s signal to go long. A dark red signal below the zero line is the traders signal to go short. The indicator is designed to filter out false signals and provide the trader with an optimum timing of capturing an entry/exit very close to the beginning / ending of a cycle.

Using the NCTA Cycle Finder, the Profit Flow Oscillator, and Trend Consensus indicators together, offers traders an opportunity to lock in profits and enter the same trending cycle more than one time. This is an excellent opportunity to open trend continuation trades. The NCTA Cycle Finder is excellent when used across more than one timeframe to confirm alignment. For example, monitoring the 5 minute signals and confirming alignment with the 1 minute chart improves the probability of entering a profitable trade.

HOW TO USE: Use the grey bar prints to be ready for a signal and the possible direction. Go long when a blue bar appears and go short when a red bar appears. The print of these signals very closely identify the beginning of a new cycle

The NCTA Cycle Finder, which is part of the Profit Flow Analytics set of indicators, is traded in a live trading room every market day, hosted by our friends at Options Money Maker.

To learn more about the NCTA Cycle Finder and the other two indicators, which are part of Profit Flow Analytics, use the following link:


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