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Advance your trading game by applying our TA based indicator-study on your charts. Market God v6 is a tool that can be added to any chart, timeframe, or ticker on, and suggests the situation at hand as an opportunity to buy or sell you interests.

Market God v6 Product Description
Advance and Improve your understanding of price movement using the Market God v6 Trading Study (accessed via
* Set alerts to be delivered via email or SMS (See for limitations that may apply, based on your Tradingview account type)
* Quickly identify market trends with visual buy/sell alerts on chart
* Access charts on-the-go via Tradingview mobile app
* Apply study to any symbol within the entire Tradingview library
* Use on any timeframe available to you on Tradingview

Through use of’s advanced Pine Script programming language, I have spent thousands of hours to find the rights combination that has resulted in the indicator study you see today. That said, it is imperative to understand that this study is not a guarantee profit & should be far from the only reason you enter a trade. It is highly recommended that you backtest, or paper trade before using this study, as it is intended to be a tool, and not the end-all-be-all.
When starting, my goal was clear: to create a study that could suggest consistent, reliable, and accurate trades, at a rate of success that was either equal to, or better than if I were doing it myself. Ideally, I figured that if I could take my own personal buy/sell criteria, standardize it, and create an system that informed me once my own criteria was met, it would allow me to succeed on a more consistent basis, and allow me to focus on other projects.
But lets pull it back to way before this indicator was even on the map – to the middle of 2018, specifically the middle of crypto-winter. Like many, I started by doing something I believe every trader or investor should do: writing down the exact criteria that I would ultimately require that I hold myself, in order to enter or exit a position. I then demanded that I abide by that criteria when making any decision in trading. This was relatively easy, and also forced me to really understand where I went wrong, each time I would losing trade.
While establishing the trade plan, I ran through every study/indicator I used personally already, and utilized online resources to understand what made those indicators give the readings they do, and the various ways price movement and volume can be used to calculate trends.

By taking the wealth of knowledge available online, we have successfully created a study that applies these methods of TA, and standardizes a system of trading that was successfully established in the bear market.
Release Notes:
One small bug fix
Release Notes:
disclaimer added at beginning
Release Notes:
Last Second Bug Removal (less noise)
Release Notes:
Issues on KBC Visuals
Release Notes:
Fixes to S/R Period Data
Release Notes:
Added S/R Customizations
Release Notes:
Added ability to have 5.3 script on the chart + other minor fixes.
Release Notes:
5.3 install
Release Notes:
Upgraded Again. Re-Add to Chart for full update access.
Release Notes:
Aligned visual names with location in options + adjustments to make backtests possible with coming strategy release.
Release Notes:
Valued customers,

We apologize for the # of updates published over the last few days, as its been a hectic yet successful first week.

This version includes the ORIGINAL 5.3 script + the ORGINIAL v6 BETA script, which we had deviated from by mistake.

The default version is the v6 release. To switch to the 5.3, click into the settings and change the settings as such.

We will be releasing a discord group, more knowldge center material, and updating everything in the near future.

Stay tuned.
Release Notes:
Fixed previous version ghost alerts
Release Notes:
Preparing to release accompanying strategy for users. Expect later this week for delivery. Visuals here needed adjustment. Script switching was messing with alerts and has been converted back to just v6.

Updates are required, but annoying when frequent. We will be doing them less frequently now, to keep our users on the same page.

Release Notes:
v6.0.1 Release Notes

You can now add our most recent version, v6.0.1 to your charts for use. The accompanying strategy will also be shared here shortly. We will manually need to add everyone to the backtesting strategy, and we appreciate your patience while rolled out.

The update is released and we hope a few of these changes are noticeable right off the bat. There were bugs in the prior script and that should be more than eliminated now. The alerts have been specified on, as there was confusion as to which 'buy alert' went with each pairing on a list etc. v6.

The alerts were becoming pestering so we took the initiative to build out the alert prompt with trading view directly. This fortunately will now remove the backpainting issue we had prior, which were a direct result of the input sources we were using to pull the data, which by definition as historical data, was backpainting. With the issue resolved however, we look forward to moving on and into newr developments for the app.

Next change: The candle alerts will now print on your current candle, and stay open, eliminating the flashing of the alerts. While still in realtime.
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Indices re-added due to OBV removed.
Release Notes:
This version will simplify and improve the various complaints that we heard in feedback over the last week. Please refresh your browser and re-add the indicator to your charts.

If you were a fan of a past script, IE 5.1,5.2, 5.3 or 6(beta), this will be a good update, as it returns to the basics, stripping away many of the additions we had rolled out, which had essentially made the alerts and timing a bit more delayed than intended. Please take the following notes on this new update:

The candles will say 'MGBUY' and 'MGSELL'. This is not for debate any longer and will not be adjusted in future versions.

The noise may be back, but the overall signal is more accurate than the previous version. It is highly recommended to use heikin ashi candles for the best results, although the normal candles will work just fine.

In the event you liked one of the scripts included in our last update, this is the only version from now on.

You need to align the buy criteria with the buy notes. There will be a tutorial on in the next 24hrs that shows what we mean, however, it is VERY straight forward.

You also need to check the 'Once per bar close' alert when setting, as this update WILL MAKE EVERYTHING PRINT IN REAL TIME.

What does this mean? Apparently, it wasn't clear in the past that 'real-time' meant that the alert can BOTH PRINT AND UNPRINT in the same period. That said, we had adjusted to print in the most recent version during the actual candle close, which then was taken as a form of back painting by the same people who couldn't figure out the definition of real-time

All things considered, you need to understand your trading style when using this tool - Buy and sell will disappear if you only look at the alert when it goes off or paints. SO WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION.

I will repeat this again since some were missing the fallacy.

What does that mean? **ITS IN REAL TIME** So DO NOT be confused if an 'MGBUY' or an 'MGSELL' paint on a chart and then disappear. WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION.

Please remember - Only you are responsible for what you choose to do with your investments. This tool is a tool, not a decision maker.

Other announcements:
--Website will reopen for registration shortly. There were challenges with backend as we
Release Notes:
Way less noise. Crowns added.
Release Notes:
>>correct update from above<<<
Release Notes:
Alerts fix. Mentioned on Twitter and our Telegram earlier today.
Release Notes:
Alerts double fix.
Release Notes:
If you are still experiencing alert bugs, we have identified the issue. You need to clear the old alerts in your alert manager, as old updates stay active even when the script is updated.

This version is one of our favorites yet, and clears the noise while also reintroducing included indicator visuals. To add to your chart, refresh your browser, and re-add the indicator. The alerts are still real time, meaning if you see the painted signal flickering while in that period, we are either in chop/equilibrium, or teetering on the edge of a trend direction. Use your judgement in these scenarios on how to play.

the best / most effective timeframes as of now is 1m, 5, 15, 30, 1h, 4h, 6h, 12h, 1d, 3d, 1w, 2w and 1M. The higher frames tend to be consistently more accurate and offer the least noise / trend clarity. Alt/BTC pairs seem to be accurate, but each has its quirks to make it hit or miss. BTCUSD appears to have highest success rate, or any USD pairing for that matter. SPX and indicies look accurate as well.

We will be updating the strategy to be in full alignment, sometime in next 12 hours.

Release Notes:
added ichimoku inputs
Release Notes:
Slight Adjustment - Monthly Frames working again
Release Notes:
color adjustment. nothing critical.
Release Notes:
Upgrading to Pinescript v4.
Visuals have been removed.
Release Notes:
Error with posting update yesterday now fixed.
Release Notes:
Bug fixes
Release Notes:
MarketGod v6.8

Upgrades to match rest of series. Visual changes. no need to change your alerts.
Release Notes:
Upgrade to MarketGod v6.9
Release Notes:
Upgrade to Marketgod for Tradingview
Release Notes:
MarketGodx to TVMarketGod Update

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