Harmonic Trading System Educational (Source Code)

This indicator was intended as educational purpose only for Harmonic Patterns using XABCD Pattern Tool.
This indicator was build upon Harmonic Trading : Volume One and Harmonic Trading : Volume Three, written by Scott M Carney.
Harmonic Trading System consist of 3 important elements such as Trade Identification, Trade Execution and Trade Management, each of these element description can be hover at each label.

Harmonic Trading System

1. Trade Identification
This technique use historically proven and repetitive price patterns that focus on overbought and oversold signals generated by price action.
Understanding parameters is critical to define specific opportunities based on individual harmonic pattern including ratio is important.

2. Trade Execution
During harmonic pattern is complete, must focus actual trade within specific time period.

3. Trade Management
Specific Initial Price Objective (IPO) based on risk and opportunity.

Indikator ini bertujuan sebagai pendidikan sahaja untuk Harmonic Pattern menggunakan XABCD Pattern Tool.
Indikator ini dibina berdasarkan buku Harmonic Trading : Volume One dan Harmonic Trading : Volume Three, ditulis oleh Scott M Carney.
Harmonic Trading System mengandungi 3 element penting seperti Trade Identification, Trade Execution dan Trade Management, penerangan setiap elemen boleh didapati dengan meletak mouse pada label.

Harmonic Trading System

1. Trade Identification
Teknik ini menggunakan price patterns yang berulang dan sejarahnya terbukti yang fokus pada signal overbought dan oversold terhasil daripada price action.
Memahami parameter adalah penting untuk mengenalpasti peluang secara spesifik berdasarkan harmonic patern yang tertentu termasuk ratio adalah penting.

2. Trade Execution
Semasa harmonic pattern adalah lengkap, mestilah focus pada trade yang sebenar dalam jangka masa yang spesifik.

3. Trade Management
Initial Price Objective (IPO) secara spesifik berdasarkan risiko dan peluang.

Indicator features :
1. List XAB=CD patterns including ratio and reference page.
2. For desktop display only, not for mobile.
3. Hover to label to display tooltip (example Trade identification).

Kemampuan indikator :
1. Senarai XAB=CD pattern termasuk ratio and rujukan muka surat.
2. Untuk paparan desktop sahaja, bukan untuk mobile.
3. Letak mouse pada labell untuk memaparkan tooltip (example Trade identification).


1. Credits / Kredit
Scott M Carney, Harmonic Trading : Volume One
Scott M Carney, Harmonic Trading : Volume Three

2. Pattern and Chapter involved / Pattern dan Bab terlibat
Bullish Harmonic Trade Management Model - Harmonic Trading: Volume One - Page 209
Bearish Harmonic Trade Management Model - Harmonic Trading: Volume One - Page 220
The Harmonic Trading Process - Harmonic Trading: Volume Three - Page 42 to 44
Bullish Phases of Trading - Harmonic Trading: Volume Three - Page 48
Bearish Phases of Trading - Harmonic Trading: Volume Three - Page 50

3. Code Usage / Penggunaan Kod
Free to use for personal usage but credits are most welcomed especially for credits to Scott M Carney.
Bebas untuk kegunaan peribadi tetapi kredit adalah amat dialu-alukan terutamanya kredit kepada Scott M Carney.

Bullish Harmonic Trading System

Bearish Harmonic Trading System
Release Notes: 1. Update Pine Script to version 5
2. Complete overhaul from variables to arrays.
Release Notes: 1. Change ternary conditional operator to switch.
2. Change arr_table from array.push() to array.from().
3. Add box_col as array.
4. box.set_bgcolor() using for loop.
Release Notes: Correction for str_bear, replace "Bullish (M)" with "Bearish (W)" .

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