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This new indicator groups all our trend indicators in a single one with the objective to recognize instantly how strong a current trend is and it's direction both on short, medium and long term.

This is the first step to reorganize our indicators into 4 categories:
1. Anticipation Signals (ideal for finding trade entries)
2. Trend Direction Signals (ideal to detect trend, confluence and profit taking)
3. Key Levels (support & resistance and important price points)
4. Macroview (for long term investors)
Release Notes:
Deployed 1st version. We are working on accuracy table and trend values for our next udpate.
Release Notes:
Latest Features:

Introduced an Information Table (disabled by default; activate via the indicator settings).
Trend indicators often lag because they await price movement confirmation before identifying a trend shift. Therefore, I wouldn't advise relying on them as the sole determinant for buying or selling decisions, especially on timeframes below 1D.

However, this doesn't mean we should ignore them. On the contrary, most significant upward and downward movements have been forecasted by our indicators. Their optimal use is to remain vigilant, pinpointing prime entry prices, securing profits as trends start to shift, and ideally trading in harmony with the trend, not against it.

For this reason, I've chosen to display average percentages of upward and downward shifts following a trend change in the table, rather than the "success rate" of each signal. The table breaks it down as:

Avg ↑: Represents the average percentage by which the price typically rises to its peak following a bullish trend shift.

Avg ↓: Depicts the average percentage drop after a bearish trend shift signal.

This provides insight into the strength of each trend indicator for each asset/timeframe.
Release Notes:
Small fix: All signals label colors changed to gray for now.


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