Astro: Planetary Longitudes

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Planetary longitude is a measurement of the position of a planet in its orbit around the Sun, expressed in degrees of arc along the plane of the planet's orbit. It is one of the fundamental coordinates used in astronomy to describe the position of a planet or other celestial object.
The concept of planetary longitude is important in astrology, where it is used to determine the position of the planets in the zodiac. In this context, the longitude is measured along the ecliptic, which is the apparent path of the Sun on the celestial sphere. Astrologers use the position of the planets in the zodiac to make predictions and interpretations about personality traits, life events, earthquakes, market events, and other aspects of human experience.
This indicator includes geocentric/heliocentric longitude lines with retrograde identification, Vedic Nakshatras, and astrological zodiac & aspects for each of the 9 planets plus the Sun & Moon. Hover over labels for additional information.

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