Rider Algo #5: Macro View

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Use this indicator to understand where is BTC and major coins on the cycle and detect potential tops and bottoms.
Release Notes:
TR Sentiment has been replaced by a complete new indicator:

"Trend Rider Macro View"

Find more about this indicator and how to use it on our web page.
Release Notes:
Slight color changes for extreme top level (navy blue)
Release Notes:
Added a new subindicator and reorganized the indicator settings.

New Subindicator "Impulse Colors"

- Draws a band below price
- Band color changes depending on the distance betwwen price and a key predefined moving average.
- Dark blue represent a big positive gap and purple a big negative gap.
- This indicataor is different from the Fear and greed subindicator.
- Main uses are:
- Identify when a downtrend might be ending (when purple colors dissapear and green, blue colors appear)
- Confluence with the fear and greed sub indicator

Note: you can change the position of both fear and greed & Impulse colors on the indicator settings by changing the values. The lower the value the lower the indicator will be located. If value is set to 1 then indicator will appear on top of current price.

Release Notes:
Small update: moved the TR sentiment so the indicator appears on top of price instead of below it.
Release Notes:
Macro View update:

- Now includes New Indicator: Moving Average Master
- fixed a bug on the Impulse subindicator.

🎯 Objective of the Indicator 🎯
This indicator aims to display key levels and trends in a simple and intuitive way. We have chosen specific moving averages that change colors when they intersect and overlay. This color change offers insight into potential trend directions and their strengthening or weakening status.

🚀 Future Developments 🚀
In future versions, we plan to include buy and sell signals/alerts, as well as additional layers to this indicator.

🔁 Compatibility with Other Indicators 🔁
This indicator can be perfectly used in conjunction with Rider Algo 1 and 2. However, we suggest disabling the Rider Band and Divider Band to avoid overlaying them.

❓ Why We Created This Indicator ❓
While the Rider Band also operates with moving averages, it only has two stages (bullish and bearish). This new indicator provides various layers to better understand when a trend is weakening or strengthening.

🔧 How to Activate It 🔧
To activate it, go to the indicator options section and check the "Show Moving Average Master" box.

Release Notes:
Added color coding Fill features for:
Theorical highs and lows
21W price distance

Hidden on the indicator options are:
- Moving Average Master
- Fear and Greed Level circles
Release Notes:
New features:
- Added summary table with trend direction and current sentiment level.
- Added sentiment levels by default at the bottom of the chart.
- Added signals for potential Peak, Bottom, and extreme sentiment levels.
Release Notes:
*minor fix
Release Notes:
TR Sentiment:
- Now appears as a horizontal bar at the bottom of the chart, so you can see all indicators at a glance. Also this change can allow users to add macro view to their current charts and only display TR sentiment (by disabling all other subinidicators on settings) as it won't overlap algo#1 and #2.

Projected Moving averages:
- Added price labels for current TOP and floor projections.

Now displays current Sentiment with color coding and trend direction.

Release Notes:
Minor Fix
Tr sentiment bar did not dissapeared completely when unselected.
Release Notes:
Rider Algo #5: Macro View is part of our Trend Rider Indicators

- Rider Algo #1 : Anticipation
- Rider Algo #2 : Trend Detection
- Rider Algo #3 : Key Levels
- Rider Algo #4: Oscillators
- Rider Algo #5: Macro View

Welcome to Rider Algo #5: Macro View, your new, comprehensive lens into the broader perspective of each asset. Imagine being able to digest the prevailing trend, potential peaks and troughs, and the current sentiment—all at a single glance. That’s the panoramic view we aim to offer with this innovatively designed tool.

Zooming Out, Bringing Clarity
Navigating through the ceaseless waves of market data can be overwhelming. With Macro View, the endeavor is to sift through the noise, enabling you to observe the larger tapestry of the market—where each thread, each weave, indicates the subtle and overarching movements within the asset.

Understand Trends: Effortlessly decode the current directional bias of an asset, ensuring you’re not swimming against the tide.

Identify Potential Peaks and Valleys: Gain insights into possible ceilings and floors within the market, offering a structured framework for your entry and exit strategies.

Gauge Sentiment: A quick, transparent look at the prevailing market sentiment, ensuring your strategies are in harmony with the majority or consciously contrarian when needed.

One Look, Comprehensive Insight
Macro View is conceived to be your visual anchor in the chaotic seas of trading, presenting you a clean, uncluttered, and insightful perspective. The aim is not just to display data but to render it in a way that instantaneously communicates the crucial aspects you need to comprehend the macro moves of the asset.

Note 1: Right now this indicator works best for Bitcoin 1D chart, we are planning to add more peaks and valleys projection for other assets in the future.
Release Notes:
Defauly color changes for projected top and bottom bands and trend band.


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