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Simulation of GunbotXT BB-RSI strategy useful for fine tuning settings and backtesting.

In Pine Editor -> Open "GunbotXT BB-RSI" -> Add To Chart -> On Indicator -> Format -> Input your desired settings to test.

Yellow = Bollinger Bands

Red = High BB (Sell)

Green = Low BB (Buy)

You will not see the RSI on the chart, you need to (and should) add 2nd indicator "Relative Strength Indicator" so that you can visually see how it is being used in the tuner. If you change the RSI 70/30 numbers in the tuner then change them also in the RSI 2nd indicator that you added below the tuner so that they visually match what is going on behind the scenes in the tuner.

NOTICE: By requesting access to this script you acknowledge that you have read and understood that this is for research purposes only and I am not responsible for any financial losses you may incur by using this script!
Release Notes:
Fixed an issue where High BB was not being correctly factored into sell decision.

Fixed typo in shorttitle.
Release Notes:
Change buy and sell logic to more closely match description of BB-RSI, previously was set to require candle close to cross BB target value, now relaxed to equal or cross BB target value.
Release Notes:
Changed default settings to higher trade amounts to allow for USDT-BTC pairs without the need for adjusting amounts, removed need for setting present date if backtesting up to current moment in time.
Release Notes:
Fixed an issue where an extra set of close parentheses in the sell formulae were preventing most buys. This is completely unexplainable because having that extra set should not have mattered. If it did matter, then it should have prevented ALL buys, but instead was only preventing MOST buys.

Changed ((sell formula)) to (sell formula)

Release Notes:
Revision 6

Major update for future compatibility with Gunbot 10.

Updated variables and names to match Gunbot versions 9 and 10.

Added TRADING_FEES, BUY_LEVEL, GAIN, EMA1, and EMA2 for higher accuracy.

Now uses the same superior calculations and plotting as my "Gunbot Deluxe Tuners" script.

For Gunbot 9 you must set RSI_LENGTH equal to SMAPERIOD. In Gunbot 10 they can be different.

For Gunbot 9 you must set RSI_METHOD equal to "oscillator". In Gunbot 10 it can be either choice.

Remember to enter TRADING_FEES value also into Format -> Properties -> Commission, it is needed in both fields.

Added short title "BBRSIr6" to indicator that appears on screen for faster visual checking that you have the latest version.

To insure you are using latest version look at very bottom of Format -> Inputs settings. It should say "BB-RSI: Rev 6".

If you do not see "BB-RSI: Rev 6" then delete the indicator from all charts including any saved charts (save each saved chart after removing). Refresh browser and then reload the indicator.

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