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alpha_a_io Updated, v 1.1, a multi-market penetrating trend follower.
- Free trial/2022-10-31
## "2022/09, in this time of fear, when prayer so often proves in vain..."
"Yet I'm standing here."

This trial version,, Code Moses(free trial/2022-10-31) is published with a time limitation.
The stop day of this trial is 2022/10/31. All other functions work intact."
## Why is being a profitable trader so tough?
Because most of the traders lost in fear.

The fear of entry too early.
The fear of entry too late.
The fear of exiting too early.
The fear of exiting too late.

They treat trades as fears, with either excitement or desperation.

They do the gambling but not trading.

## Why are they lost in fear?
They only have indicators, feelings, and "guts."
They do not have a profitable and consistent strategy with long-term backtesting.
They do not trust the method they use and swing between excitement and desperation.
They lost in every single trade.

## Why is the strategy from essential?
1. The strategies from are designed for multi-market penetration and focus on preventing over-fittings.

2. The trading results are provided from TradingView, which is relatively just and trusting.

3. The users will know what they are doing with confidence.
3a. The strategy is cold without any emotions.
3b. The strategy is exact without any ambiguity once the users set the parameters.
3c. The users may consider the strategy from as a strong indicator with well backtesting if they want to keep their trading method.
3d. If the strategy did not work in some markets, even after changing some parameters, you just shift to the other market and fully understand what you are doing.

Try this free now. Just add this trial version to your list.

Cheating-Code free to our best:
Without HTF method in this classic/trial version; without the issue of repainting. You can check the entries and exits one by one K bar with replay in TradingView.

## How to add this strategy to your list and charts.
1. Sign up for a TradingView account.
2. The way to add this strategy:

## Some tips:
1. Market selection
This strategy benefits from markets with a strong trend, such as cryptocurrency.

2. Time-frame
Generally, the time-frame: 1-hr to 8-hr is preferable.

3. Parameters
a1. Most of the time, the default setting is good enough, yet making some changes is highly suggested to avoid slippage from other users.
a2. For the trader:
a21. Long only & leverage = 1: may consider shifting Order Size to 100 % of the Current Equity
a22. Doing long and short simultaneously: keep Order Size as 50 % of the Current Equity in both long & short.

4. Dynamic Fibonacci Level
The filter of Dynamic Fibonacci Level may level up the profit factor. However, some winning trades will be excluded.
- It is better to be considered a check for the trade most of the time.
- For short, the trader may be benefited from this filter.
- You may use "Override Alphatrend" to deal with the mean-reversion markets.

5. Backtesting period
Control the backtesting period: since the start time
- To suppose the beginning day of the strategy until now.
- You will notice that this strategy is profitable for some symbols if you do long and short, no matter the bullish or the bearish market.

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## Subscription
Currently, we only accept annual subscriptions for early users.
The seats are limited. We will mainly focus on cooperating with other services, such as 3commas, in the future.
Public sales may or may not be held depending on the number of subscriptions.
The date of subscription starts after 2022/11/01.
The early users with the annual subscription will be invited to the strategy immediately after the payment is confirmed.
- The public sales, if any, will start after 2022/12/01.
The early user will always have the best price compared to the public sales.
If you are interested in a subscription to this strategy, please send an e-mail to:
a. Your e-mail address
b. Your TradingView User ID / Username
## RoadMap
2022/09 Launch the TradingView: alpha_a_io, IG @alpha_a_io
2022/09 Publish the first trial version:, Code Moses(free trial/2022-10-31)

# Disclaimer,, 2022/09

"The team of does NOT explicitly state or insinuate a guarantee of any of the content on the service, including and not limited to any information that is used for buying/selling decisions or other specific purposes."
"The team of does NOT provide any form of guarantee and responsibility."
"The user understands historical performance is not necessarily indicative of the future performance of an investment."
"The user understands the winning rate means every individual entry has a chance to meet loose. Show Hands Makes Liquidation."
"The user understands the only way to avoid liquidation and being a profitable trader is performing the stop-loss as plan."
"The user takes full responsibility for their behavior."
1. Team of will closely monitor the impact of releasing Code Moses to reach the balance between the number of users and profit for every user.
2. Team of will suppress the number of users by the scheduled raising price. However, as a giveback, the early users will always keep their price if they continuously renew the subscription.
3. Team of might market the service of in the future.
4. Team of might initiate the trial of randomly in the future.
5. Team of might initiate the trial of with limited Symbols in the future.
6. You will have (any only have) supports by sending an e-mail to All other methods are scams(including IG, TG, FB, and anywhere).
7. On the working day(Eastern Daylight Time), the response will be within 12-24 hours.
Note for the subscriptions.
Please get in touch with our customer support team by e-mail:
1. 7-day unconditional 100% money-back guarantee is provided. No questions, and just feel free to inform us.(by sending e-mail to
2. The 7-day-count begins with the authorization. We will provide the exact end time of the money-back guarantee. The minute you send the e-mail will be the acceptance time. No worries.
3. We celebrate integrity and wish every user a great customer experience. Please contact our customer support team for any ideas and suggestions.

Release Notes:
Extend the Free trial to 2023-03-31
Hope all of us survive in the FTX RUG

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