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This is a Volume Profile based on pine script arrays.
The main idea behind this script is from the user @IldarAkhmetgaleev.
He created an awesome piece of code for free users on tradingview.
Here are some changes to the main script:
0. Used Pine Script Arrays for doing/storing calculations.
1. The bar labels are replaced with lines.
2. Added a POC line.
3. Bar growing directions changed from right to left.
4. Added an option to change bar width.

0. Volume Lookback Depth : Number of bars to look back for volume calculations.
1. Bar Length Multiplier : Bar length multiplier to make bar long or short.
2. Bar Horizontal Offset : Horizontal distance from the current bar in the right direction.
3. Bar Width : Width of the bars.
4. Show POC Line : Show or hide the POC line.

Happy trading.
Release Notes:
Added option for changing Bar and POC line colors.
Release Notes:
According to the latest update from the Tradingview, now we can define number of drawable lines in the study parameter as 'max_lines_count' up to the 500.
So here are our Volume Profile script with updated features.

1. Added option for setting number of bars from 10 to 500.
2. Codes cleaned little bit.
Release Notes:
Added delta option as suggested by @NXT2017.
Options: Both, Bullish and Bearish.

Both: bullish and bearish both candles ae used to calculate volume profile (default).
Bullish: only bullish candles are used.
Bearish: only bearish candles are used.
Release Notes:
For viewing delta in volume profile, add this indicator two times and set delta type to bullish on the first one and bearish on the second one, now set same bar numbers on both.
Release Notes:
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