APEX - Tester - Buy/Sell Strategies - Basic

This is a simple study for backtesting your strategy for the APEX trading bot. It encorporates the following strategies and script created individually :

- Moving averages -
- Bollinger Bands -
- MACD -
- RSI -
- SRSI -
- Stochastic -
- CCI -
- Percentage Change -
- VWAP -
Be aware that the buy points will in no way be exactly the same as APEX. Some buys will be missed by apex (Spikes).

It also encorporates basic riskmangement:
  • TP - Take profit
  • SL - Stop Loss
  • TSL - Trailing Stop Loss
  • please select at minimum TP and SL combination or TSL (only TP alone wont be enough)

Additional information:
  • green buy triangle is the basic buy strategy
  • green sell is casue by TP TSL
  • orange sell is casue by sell strategy
  • orange sell is casue by sell strategy
  • SL red line
  • TP green line
  • TSL purple
- Riskmanagement thanks to JustUncleL
- Added S/R lines thanks to buydipsonly ( blue and yellow line )
Release Notes: BB Bugfixing
Release Notes: Bugfixing + S/R lines were created with cooperation from Allcoast
Release Notes: MACD / CCI Fixes
Release Notes: - Added Concensus ( please Double Check it works same as in APEX)
- Added Alerts if you turn them ON @Ethminer
- Fixed Stochastic Sell Detectors
Release Notes: Added support for strategies with 2 same buy indicators.
Release Notes: MA2 tiny fix :)
Release Notes: UI Fix


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BTC: bc1qlzsh6q6m6vm2y72flq86w3zla97hc7jv9fay49
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