BBofVWAP with entry at Pivot Point

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This strategy uses BB of VWAP and Pivot point to enter and exit the Long position.


BB length 50
BB Source VWAP

When VWAP crossing up BB midline and price/close is above weekly PivotPoint ( you can also use Daily pivot point )

When VWAP is crossing down BB lower band

Stop Loss
Stop loss defaulted to 5%

Note : Long will position will be exited on either VWAP crossing down BB lower band or stop loss is hit - whichever comes first . Being said that some time your stop loss exit is less than 5% which saves from more losses.

Entry is based on weekly Pivot point , so any time frame below weekly will work perfect. I have tested t on 30 min , 1 HR , 4 Hr , Daily charts. Even weekly setting shows good results , that will work for long term investing style.

if you change Pivot period to Daily , chose time frames below Daily.

I also noticed this strategy mostly do not enter Long position in a down trend. Even it finds one , it will be exited with minimal loss.

For the use of educational purposes only
Release Notes:
I have added partial exit options. Original version used to exit partial when VWAP cross down upper BB band. Now you can chose one of the below 3 options ...

VWAP_crossunder_upperBB --- This is same as original version

VWAP_crossover_FibR3 --- partial exit , when VWAP crosses above weekly Fib R3

VWAP_crossunder'_FibR3 --- partial exit , when VWAP crosses down weekly Fib R3

choosing second options are producing more net profit --- That is due to we are waiting to capture more profits :-)

Happy Trading

Please let me know your comments or feedback ...

Note : VWAP and Fib pivot points on the chart are not plotted by the script. If you want to see how the strategy is taking partial profits , please add VWAP (session) and Pivot Points Standard (select Fibonacci option) with weekly resolution
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