SMA - SSL Hybrid - HalfTrend

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SMA - Halftrend Signal - SSL Hybrid ichi signal indicator
This indicator is actually a combination of several indicators to get the right signal in the direction of the market and gain profit

At first, there are some simple moving averages called MA, which are used only to display the simple moving average in different time frames.

Then we have the combination of a Halftrend indicator which is set in such a way that if the three Halftrend lines are green, it will issue an ascending signal, and if all three lines are red, it will issue a descending signal.

In the following, we have Tenkasen from Ichi Moko with SSL Hybrid, if the candlesticks are above Tenkasen and SSL Hybrid issues an upward signal, it is a suggestion to enter into a buy transaction, and if the candles fall below Tekasen and SSL Hybrid A bearish sign above the candle means a sell offer

It is more optimal to place the candlestick display in Heiken Ashi mode
Release Notes:
this update for add Base Line (Kinensen Ichimoku) for cross Signal conversion and base line
Release Notes:
add candlestik pattern to this andicator :

Release Notes:
Fixed a problem and a bug related to Candlestick
Release Notes:
Troubleshooting and optimization
Release Notes:
Add Alert for Cross Signal Sma Fast and Smoot Sma
Release Notes:
fixed cross bug
Release Notes:
add Alert for cros Conversion line And Base line ichimoku
Release Notes:
fixed bug in show label color
Release Notes:
add 3 shadow bulish alert to candle asic patern

if show this alert in chart signal for long

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