Improved Multi-Timeframe (MTF) 14 RSI - plots same as live data

This multi-timeframe 14-period Relative Strength Index uses an improved calculation to accurately calculate the indicator's value with every new bar on the time frame your chart is set to. Previously the indicator only recalculated with every new update on the timeframe used in its security function. This means that this improved script plots the real, current value of your indicator across your chosen timeframes on your chart's resolution and no longer only plots only the indicator's monthly/weekly/daily/4 hour/ect closing value on the your chart.

Input values are fixed to their default (close,14) configuration to make this indicator's improved calculation possible.

When using "Plot Higher Timeframe?" the script will set the indicator to only plot its value in closest larger timeframe. This option overrides the two following options. For example, when using the daily resolution , only the weekly value will plot, or when using the one hour (60m) resolution, only the 4 hour (240m) value will plot.
The "Omit Higher Timeframes?" option will set the indicator to only plot starting from the 1/2/3/4/5/6/7th closest larger timeframe. For example, when using the daily resolution and this option set to 0, all values from the weekly resolution and up will plot, but if set to 1, all values from the monthly resolution and up will plot instead.
The "Plot Yearly/Quarterly/Monthly/Weekly/Daily/4 Hour/1 Hour/15 Minute/5 Minute?" options allow enabling/disabling a specific timeframe. All are enabled by default. For example, if you do not want the yearly value of the indicator to ever plot, you can disable the "Plot Yearly?" option.
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