Vervoort Smoothed %b [LazyBear]

As we know, %b is a measure of where prices are in relation to the outer Bollinger bands and therefore strongly related to volatility . This can get choppy, though.

Vervoort smoothed this using Zero lag TEMA of custom Heiken-ashi recalculated prices. According to Vervoort, "Smoothed Vervoort %b is often a leading indicator making smooth moves with clear turning points. Normal and hidden divergent moves make it an ideal tool to help find entry and exit points while watching price moving between the Bollinger bands ."

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// @author LazyBear 
// List of all my indicators: 
study("Vervoort Modified BB%b [LazyBear]", shorttitle="VMBB%b_LB")
calc_tema(s, length) =>
    ema1 = ema(s, length)
    ema2 = ema(ema1, length)
    ema3 = ema(ema2, length)
    3 * (ema1 - ema2) + ema3

length=input(18, minval=2, maxval=100, title="%B Length")
temaLength=input(8, title="TEMA Length")
stdevHigh=input(1.6, title="Stdev High")
stdevLow=input(1.6, title="Stdev Low")
stdevLength=input(200, title="Stdev Length")
haC=(ohlc4+haOpen+max(high, haOpen)+min(low, haOpen))/4

tma1 = calc_tema(haC,temaLength)
tma2 = calc_tema(tma1, temaLength)
diff = tma1-tma2
zlha = tma1+diff
percb = (calc_tema(zlha,temaLength)+2*stdev(calc_tema(zlha,temaLength),length) - wma(calc_tema(zlha,temaLength),length))/(4*stdev(calc_tema(zlha,temaLength),length))*100

ul=plot(ub, color=red, title="Stdev+")
ll=plot(lb, color=green, title="Stdev-")
plot((ub+lb)/2, color=blue, style=3, title="Stdev Mid")
fill(ul, ll, red)
plot(percb, linewidth=2, color=maroon, title="SVE %b")