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MIT - Market Internal Trend

I've developed what I consider to be the best market internals, market breadth indicator on Trading View to date :)

Market internals (sometimes referred to as Market Breadth) are built-in indicators of the market, there are the following main indicators:
  • TICK - Uptick or downtick transaction of market (NYSE/NASDAQ)
  • ADD - Advancing or declining issues/stocks of the market
  • VOLD - Up volume or down volume of the issues/stocks of the market
  • TRIN - Trend of market based on ADD and VOLD
  • VIX - Volatility of the market
  • PCN - Options market puts vs calls

What makes this different?
This single compact indicator delivers an "eyes on glass" style presentation to detail extreme movements of TICK, sentiment analysis of ADD and VOLD as well as their trends and report when the market is most likely balanced or an in imbalance. No need to study multiple clouds and amassing a ton of different charts all with similar indicator setups and candle analysis in the heat of the moment.

Use this to determine the overall initial trend at open, watching for imbalance and extreme movement on TICK as a signal to prepare for potential trades. The metrics table is useful to see where potential rejections/bounces may occur on the volatility index.

Extreme tick closures (see below) can provide excellent trim or exit signals for existing trades depending on the market structure of the day (trending or ranging).

How To Use
The main histogram represents the highs and lows of TICK, anything within the +/- $500 region is most likely normal movement while anything outside of that will brighten in color and indicates potential larger reactions. Extreme highs and lows will be represented by white diamonds by default, closures are indicated by bright colored crosses at $0. Price levels should be noted on the securities being traded during TICK extreme movement, these usually act as dynamic support and resistance from my observations but your results may vary (please share in comments your experiences!).

There is a smoothed trend line over the histogram, by default it's white in color, and this represents simply a trend of TICK closures - when it's trending down the market should be following in kind and vice versa; adjust the smoothing length in settings to suit your trading style.

The center line will have colored dots, by default yellow for balanced markets or white for imbalanced markets. When the market is in an imbalance that's when trending moves have been observed and balanced markets are usually choppy with sideways price action not suitable for quick scalp type trading styles.

The upper colored band represents the market overall advancing or declining issues/stocks within the market, by default green tones are bullish for a advancing market and red tones represent bearish market - the brighter the tone the strong the sentiment. There are triangles at all times above this band and that represents a smoothed trend status as compared to the current amount of stocks in advance or decline, if the smoothed trend is above then it's potentially a signal of reversal (red triangles over green band would be bearish reversal and vice versa).

The lower colored band works the exact same as the upper band but it tracks the up and down volume of the issues/stocks within the market, it utilizes the same color and triangle logics as the upper band.

Currently this will present internals data for NYSE and NASDAQ, I'm still researching other markets internals and their particulars.

The signals on this indicator will best apply to SPY, QQQ, ES, NQ or highly liquid ETFs largely affected by NYSE or NASDAQ - individual stocks may have mixed results depending on how they're moving with major indexes so keep that in mind when watching for sympathy moves with the indicator.

Usage Conditions
All of the market internals are fantastic indicators when day trading, I've had great success on 1-15 minute and even higher for scalps or intra-day swings. Observing the middle dots will save those of you that struggle in choppy markets from being too aggressive when opportunities don't exist.

Use the triangles, diamonds, dots and crosses to your advantage to manage your scalps and intra-day swings, or gain an edge in preparation for entering trades!

I hope this indicator is a benefit to all for day trading, provide any feedback or feature requests in the comments.
Release Notes:

  • Added visibility toggles for things you may not need (ADD, VOLD and TRIN)
  • Redeveloped the metrics table to make it more compact
  • Adjusted ADD and VOLD to allow ratio type display for metric table
  • Toggle metrics display, turn off what you don't need
  • Added option to set text size of the metrics table (mainly for mobile)
  • Adjusted default values for the thresholds of Issues (ADD) and Volume (VOLD) - only affects colors of the bands
  • Changed threshold settings to single field and handling the +/- in the code to make it simpler - they should always be symmetrical anyways :)

I appreciate all the comments I've received to date, enjoy and keep the feedback coming, happy trading!

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