Two Fractals Trendlines

This study draws a trend line for the last two Bill Williams up-fractals and down-fractals.

Trend line break signals and alerts can optionally be added.
Release Notes: Bug fixed.
Release Notes: RSI filter added.
Release Notes: Narrow range bar added.
Inside bar added.
Outside bar added.
Sandwich bar added.
Pin bar added.
Release Notes: Narrow range bar added.
Fakey added.
Release Notes: Improved the Fakey signal (F).
Added early Fakey signal (f).
Release Notes: Minor changes.
Release Notes: Plot Fractals added.
Release Notes: Reverse fractals added.

Segments added (taken from Joe Ross' books). These Segments are an early trend detection method. I will add Segments to my "The Strategy - ..." script in the next days.
Release Notes: Changed segment signal plotting. Now the segment signal is not deleted if a segment series is no longer valid. By definition, the segment signal cannot be repainted. The segments follow higher lows and lower highs.
Definition of a valid long signal: there are three segments and the current candle high is higher than the last candle high (high> high ).
Release Notes: Tooltips added.
Trend line bug fixed.
Release Notes: General description added.
Release Notes: Minor changes.
Release Notes: Groups added. Minor chnages.
Release Notes: Pin bar detection improved and minor changes.
Release Notes: Screenshot issue.
Release Notes: Segments- signal and documentation improved/changed.
Release Notes: EMA cloud added.
Release Notes: Horizontal support and resistance lines added.
Release Notes: Multi time frame classic pivot points added.
Release Notes: Source for SR-lines added.
Release Notes: Attributes of drawn objects added.
Release Notes: Pin bar revised.
Release Notes: Divergence signal and momentum indication added.
Release Notes: Removed the momentum indicator. You can use the "RSI with BG" script for momentum indication where you can toggle between RSI and RSI Stochastic.
Minor changes/improvements.
Release Notes: Quarterly classic pivot points added. Maximum outputs with this script reached.
Release Notes: Minor changes.
Release Notes: Uncommented daily and weekly pivot points (output restrictions). Added 6 month and 12 month pivot points.
Release Notes: Script converted to Pine v5.
Release Notes: Script revised.
1 week pivot point added.
Signals added/revised.
Release Notes: HMA slope as background color added.
Trend line signals and bg signals can be displayed at the same time, now.
Release Notes: Trend info panel added.
Release Notes: Documentation issue.
Release Notes: Bollinger Bands added.
Release Notes: Minor modifications.
Release Notes: Divergences labels removed.
Default settings changed.
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