Can you cheat a back test? Things to look out for...

I have seen a lot of people selling strategies for large amounts of money. But please be careful. In this I am going to show a strategy that says it makes 9 trillion % profit and is 100% of the time profitable.
If someone was trying to sell you this, alarm bells should be ringing. I have managed to get very good results without cheating, as you can see in all our other strategies where the figures you see are real.

How to cheat a back test
You can not really cheat it, but if you play around with the figures you can drastically improve the results.
First you need to get a good strategy with over 95% time profitable and a good net profit (this is the hard part)
Then simply click on the gear icon of that strategy, go to the property tab, set initial capital to 1000 and increase the order size to 10000000000000000.

Its that simple

Most strategies work on either 1000 or 10,000 initial capital. Its the order size that should be 1 to get more realistic results.
All our other strategies use 1000 for initial capital and 1 for order size.
Please note when back testing you should always enter the commission of that exchange, I like to use 0.3%.

Hope this helps, please let me know your thoughts.

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