The indicator is the implementation of inverse fisher transform an indicator transform of the adaptive stochastic (dominant cycle), as in the Cycle Analytics for Trader pg. 198 (John F. Ehlers). Indicator transformation in brief means reshaping the indicator to be more interpretable. The inverse fisher transform is achieved by compressing values near the extremes many extraneous and irrelevant wiggles are removed from the indicator, as cited.

Inverse Fisher Transform
input = 2*(adaptive_stoc - .5)
output = e(2*k*input) -1 / e(2*k*input) +1

  • iFish i.e. output value
  • trigger i.e. previous 1 bar of iFish * 0.90
  • if iFish crosses above the trigger, consider a buy indicated with the green line
  • while, iFish crosses below the trigger, consider a sell indicate by the red line
  • in addition iFish needs to be greater than the previous iFish
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