G TREND indicator follows trends based on higher open or close based on trend direction
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The script Alert gives multiple SELL or BUY signals when I use "ONLY PER BAR CLOSE", is this correct behavior? For example if I use a 5 min view, after 3 candles down, the script sends 3x a SELL signal.
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@b00ncoin, Good day! not sure if i understand your question but let me explain how i use it ,The way i use it is i create an alert that will trigger once per bar close and on the settings i have the Take Wicks into Account option off we will have a lot of fake signals on the way because we are getting squeezed on smaller time frames but when your alert gets triggered that is confirmation that the trend is moving the opposite direction you can use does fake signals as take profit signals because the quizzed is happening if you don't wish to have fake signals you can turn the Take Wicks into Account option On but that will create a Little more noise over the trend i prefer the first way happy trading :)

now if you are going to be using smaller time frames i recommend adding 2 indicators of the same one that will trigger fast the other one with higher ATR multiplier that way you can follow a bigger trend and long and close the longs take profit during the way the bigger trend is going for example this is on the 5 minute time frame the key is also on how you send the alerts by that i mean the alerts from trading view
@LUIS_GANDARA_G_TREND, I guess I completely missed that Wicks option, so cheers for that one! The default ATR is good for a 15 min interval? Also, thanks for an amazing script, and your swift and comprehensive reply!
@b00ncoin, thank you and for a 15 minute i always use 2 trends and yea 0.5 to me is best with another trend of 3 and its great for 15m and scalping smaller time frames

@LUIS_GANDARA_G_TREND, Hi Luis, the script looks great. About to give it a live test but one thing I could do with clearing up. I have set up the 2 indicators as you have, do you just split the buys 50/50 between the 2 different configurations or something else ?
Great Script. Any chance you made a pine script for back-testing? It would be so helpful
Hey question, do you use this for swing trading or scalping? Also can you share your strategy?
LUIS_GANDARA_G_TREND spotterbeckstead
@spotterbeckstead, i do a little of both but personaly i like to swing with it becase its less risk and when in leverage gains can be great the lowest timeframe i swing which some how it might be considered scalping is inside the 2 hour time frame no less for swinginng i also dca inside my swing to grave a better position and then just wait for the exit or well take profit when you see a good point of reversal good day
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