QaSH DCA Daytrader

This script takes advantage of the power of DCA implemented in the QaSH DCA Algorithm script, and it applies it to new entry conditions. A "Quickfingers Luc" mode has been added, which creates new entry orders whenever a level of support has been identified. If price breaks the support level and quickly drops down, the orders will already be in place to catch the dip. This method can even catch the 1-second long, 50% flash dips that occur in some exchanges.

  • Four entry conditions are included in this initial release : ASAP, Quickfingers Luc, Bullish Pivot point, and Bearish Pivot point
  • All order placements are customizable
  • All take profit % values are based on the average entry price
  • Take profit % values can change based on how big the price dip was
  • Entry condition filter has been added and it uses a variable timeframe EMA
  • Stoploss function is available
  • Order size can be sent in the alerts, which allows for multiple setups to be running simultaneously in one account
  • All alerts are sent using the new "Any alert() function call" feature, which means this indicator will only take up one alert slot to cover all entry and exit alerts

Settings advice:

- If you think price is inflated, try conservative settings that either use a stoploss and EMA filter, or no stoploss but have some of your orders placed far below the current price with increasing volume. In a bear market this will beat the buy and hold.

- If you think the market is ready for a new bull run, then try experimenting with very aggressive settings to beat the buy and hold. For example: ASAP mode with 3 layers turned on. Orders placed at 0.5%, 3%, and 5%. Volumes at 30%, 30%, and 40% respectively. No stoploss. These settings were tested on ETH and beat the buy and hold during an extreme bull market period.
Release Notes:
updated tooltips and default values
Release Notes:
disable ATR plot by default
Release Notes:
-fixed asap mode not resetting when it should
Release Notes:
added new placeholders
updated tooltips to document the placeholders
Release Notes:
Fixed an issue with layers hitting when they shouldn't
Release Notes:
prevented ema cross from resetting the layers if you're already in a trade
Release Notes:
some logic fixes / improvements
Release Notes:
fixed default input text to utilize new placeholder
Release Notes:
fixed an error that arose from the last update
Release Notes:
stoploss to use the open as reference instead of previous close
Release Notes:
prevented live data streams from causing some actions to happen multiple times in the same bar
Release Notes:
improved the backtest accuracy
Release Notes:
improved backtest accuracy
simplified ruleset for simulated orders
Release Notes:
This update completes the functional additions I plan to add to this script.
* with this addition, you can now switch to a short position during large market swings (if using a stoploss)
-Long and Short trades operate on two independent, configurabele, multiple timeframe EMA's
-fixed ATR-based TP% updating a bar late
-fixed {{filled_size}} placeholder changing to zero right before sending a "take profit" or "stoploss" alert
-added new warning popups
-added checkbox to disable warning popups
-added several placeholders such as {{LX_size_USD}} which returns the trade size in USD, useful for inverse perpetuals

Release Notes:
fixed TP placeholder not updating before sending a layer alert when short
Release Notes:
-changed the "bot start" logic for "ASAP" mode. Now, if you pause your alert and then start it again, it will go ahead and start running the first trade. Before, you would have had to change your start time and recreate the alert to get it running again
-fixed a hidden plot that was forcing the chart to zoom out
Release Notes:
fixed the bounce % input for quickfingers luc entries
Release Notes:
After discussions with the Pinescript staff, I decided to remove many references to "barstate.isrealtime" to better align backtest and live trade code.
Instead, I've added a "kill switch" that can disable your running alert whenever its execution is interrupted due to server maintenance
- improved the aesthetics of the data table
- fixed "breakeven price" displaying 0 when in a short position
Release Notes:
moved "kill switch" checkbox
changed chart picture
Release Notes:
added an input for "tick overshoot" requirement to consider limit orders filled
changed "killswitch" error message for clarity
Release Notes:
added condition that orders must be placed when the bar closes.
added condition that limit orders cannot be considered filled on the same bar as when the orders were placed.
Release Notes:
minor edit to how price gaps are handled with simulated orders
Release Notes:
fixed a bug that sometimes appeared on higher time frames

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