The APEX Forex Peak Indicator (PFH/PFL)

The APEX Forex Peak Indicator will find PFH (Peak Formation High) and PFL (Peak Formation Low) on Automation for you. The Indicator also plot up to 20 levels of ADR on Automation. It can also show history of previous ADR and Peaks. Included you also have alerts for new peaks, and when specific ADR levels has been reached. One alert per asset trigger all selected alerts in settings.

You can change text and badges color in settings. You can edit ADR line information such as ADR, PIPs, Price. You can set your own ADR value. And a lot more. (See below)

The APEX Forex Peak Indicator Settings:



• Source: Close Price (No Need to change that)

• EMA1: 13 (Hide/Show) Do not change it.
• EMA2: 50 (Hide/Show) Do not change it.

• Show EMA's: If you want to show EMA on chart or not.

• ADR: What daily ADR value you would like to use.
• ADR Value: (Yesterday/Today): If you want to use last days ADR or current today’s open candle.

• Show X ADR Levels: How many ADR levels to show on chart. (MAX 20)


• Alert on X ADR: What ADR level you want to get an alert on.
• Alert on New PFH/PFL: If you want alerts on new peaks.

* Note: All alerts have to be setup per asset. No alerts work just having these boxes checked. That is how Tradingview works. And nothing we can do anything about.

• Alert Freq: Bar Close: Alert after candle closes. Bar: Anytime candle reach your ADR. ALL = Both Close/Open Candle will alert.


• ADR Lines Color: Color of The ADR lines. (Except The Alert ADR line)
• ADR Lines Width: Width of The ADR Lines. (Except The Alert ADR line)

• ADR Line X (Alerting) Color: Color of alerting ADR line.
• ADR Line X (Alerting) Width: Size of The Alerting ADR line.

• PFH Label Color: Peak Formation High Badge Color.
• PFH Labels Text Color: Peak Formation High Text Color.

PFL Label Color: Peak Formation Low Badge Color.
PFL Labels Text Color: Peak Formation Low Text Color.

• Historical Label Color: History PF Badge Color.
• Historical Label Text Color.

• Offset for ADR Labels: ADR Text distance from line.
• Offset for PFH / PFL Labels (In Pips): PFH / PFL Badges distance from price.

• Show past drawings: Show PFH / PFL & ADR History.

• Show Distance in pips from PFH / PFL to ADR: Show pips on ADR line.

• Show each ADR's Number: Show ADR Number on ADR line.

• Show each ADR's price: Show ADR rate/price on ADR line.
Release Notes: - Out of bonds (Chrome browser error) Fixed!
- Show all ADR Lines or not function added.
Release Notes: - Added ADR x.xx to Badge (History/Active)
- Added Red Line for 3x ADR Reached in History
- Added Forecast PF / Stop Loss Line
- Added EMA50 Bounce cross symbol, alert
Release Notes: - Offset EMA50 Bounce Added

Function to get alert when price is PIPs away from EMA50 bounce. So if you want to get an alert 2 pips before The EMA50 Bounce. Set offset to 2 (Means 2 PIPs)
Release Notes: - The Blue Dashed Line now show price :)
Release Notes: Version. 53

- Previous week High/Low lines can now be applied (1 less Indicator)
- APEX Rule can be applied. Peaks based on weekly breaks Only.
- APEX Alerts can be set in APEX mode. (Alert on weekly peaks ONLY)
- Colour Boxes show 3 Days straight Up/Down moves.
Release Notes: - Box for 3 days up or Down now extend until opposite daily candle occur.
- Design section for boxes added (Fill or Border, Dashed, Dotted, Colors)
Release Notes: - Renamed some settings in menu for easier reading.
- Option to color, and set thickness of prev. week high/low line.
- In APEX mode we will not see repeating PFL/PFH.
- In APEX mode we will get correct ADR calculations.
Release Notes: - EMA Color Changed. EMA13 - Yellow, EMA50 - Blue.
Release Notes: Version 61

- ADR calculation fixed for APEX mode.
- ADR Min/Max label data added
Release Notes: - Minor Fix!
Release Notes: ****UPDATED 2021-10-02****

- Added The Monthly APEX Indicator. To use MAPEX - Change "Rules to Use" to MAPEX. (Default regular APEX Weekly)
- When setting up alerts. The minimum Alerts to be checked is "Alerts for PFH/PFL"

The reason you just want PFH/PFL. Is if you connect this indicator to some Automation
script. Then you just want one type of alerts. You can however edit the indicator, and
add another batch of alerts with whatever alerts you may need.

Take Note: In Tradingview you need to setup one alert per asset, per the current settings
you may have in the Indicator. Else no alert will trigger.

MAPEX can only trigger sell signal above monthly levels. And only buy triggers below
monthly signals.


All Automation is on your own risk and knowledge. I do not give support for any such
setup. The Automation is there to let you execute orders while you are away / sleep.

Automation are made with webhooks. And you may use services like "PineConnector"


The Rules to set has 3 options. They are described below...

NONE - The Indicator show all peaks as they happen.
Prev. Week - (Default) Alert on APEX (Weekly High/Low Peaks)
MAPEX - Alert on APEX (Monthly High/Low Peaks)

Want Weekly and & Monthly on same chart? Just add Indicator twice with different settings.
Release Notes: - EMA Color Change (13 = Yellow, 50 = Blue)
Release Notes: - New Filter for MAPEX. Req. H4 OHLC below & Above Prev. Month
- Mapex is selected as default.
- H4 boxes on H1
Release Notes: - Visual ADR Bug fixed. (Show when price reached there, did'nt show up right)

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