Blended Candles

Have been looking at YouTube and found a few videos about Blended Candles. Couldn't find a script here so I decided to script something myself.

I have also added a couple of EMA's, saves having to put them in individually.

You can Look Back as far back as you want but I find that each time frame looks better if you keep it to multiple of the next

IE : 1 min - look back 5 (5 min) up to 15 (15 min)
5 min - look back 3 (15 min) up to 12 (1 hour)
15 min - look back 4 (1 hour) up to 16 ( 4 hours)
1 hour - look back 4 (4 hours) up to 8 (8 hours - 1 trading session)
4 hour - look back 2 (8 hours - 1 trading session) up to 6 ( 1 Day)
1 day - look back 5 ( 1 week)

Shooting stars, Hammers and Doji's are very easy to recognize
Long wicks on top - Bearish
Long wick on bottom - Bullish
Support and Resistance is easier to spot as well :-)

Hope this helps someone - defiantly helps me time entries

Comments welcome and Happy Trading
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