FXN - Week and Day Separator

This is a simple indicator that marks the start of the week with a vertical line that help with identifying weekly cycles. This indicator also allows the user to show daily session breaks, which is turned off by default. This additional feature was introduced as when using the default Session Breaks from within Trading View, the line that appears at the start of the week conflicts with the weekly separator and can distort the clarity of the weekly separator.

One usability aspect that is key to understand with this indicator is that the chart scale option must be set to "Scale Price Chart Only", otherwise when switching between symbols the charting view fits all data to the screen and the candle seem to have collapsed as a greater price range is displayed. This seems to be a limitation of when displaying a vertical line, with the extend.right principle is used.

To change the scale of a chart, right-click on the price axis and choose "Scale Price Chart Only", rather than "Auto (Fits Data To Screen)".
Release Notes: Implemented new features:

1. Support for price feeds from brokers on a different timezone than Eastern Standard Time.

2. When changing the timeframe of a chart from intraday to daily, weekly or monthly the separating lines are no longer displayed. (At these time periods this indicator has very little value)

3. Extended separator line in both directions. (The scaling option of "Scale Price Chart Only", still needs to be selected, this can be found by right-clicking on the price axis).
Release Notes: Added the days of the week, which by default are displayed at the bottom of the chart. The position, color and shape can all be changed from the settings and can be turned off if required.
Release Notes: Added additional logic to hide days of week when using higher time frames.
Release Notes: Have removed the default display of a circle below each day of the week. This can be turned back on using the style tab in settings and reducing the transparency.

When changing to a higher timeframe hides aspects of the indicator to avoid cluttering the chart. The weekly separator line still show on a one hour chart, although they will not appear on any higher resolution. Days of the week and the Day line separator will only appear on charts that are less than one hour.
Release Notes: New features include:

- Introduced the ability to choose a background separator rather than a line. This is useful is you want to zoom out on a chart, as the line separators are limited to a fixed number. By default this option is turned off and if required can be turned on from the settings.

- Provided the option for you to choose whether to display the short version of a day name. (Mon, Tues, Wed ...), which is useful again when zooming out the chart. By default the long version of the name will be used.

Bug Fixes:

- When going to a daily, weekly or monthly chart was still displaying the week separator line. These are now hidden when viewing charts with these timeframes.

- Since we are now into daylight saving time, the weekly separator line was not displaying for certain broker price feeds who are not using Eastern Standard Time, this should now be resolved.
Release Notes: Implemented request to provide the option to show the days of week and day line separator on a 1 hour chart. When this option is turned on and using a 1 hour chart, the days of week will always show the short name, ignoring subsequent options to show the full name.

- By default this option is turned off and needs to be activated from the setting input tab by selecting option, "Show Day Separator and Days of Week on 1 hour Chart"
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