IB Momentum Strategy

Trades inner bars with trailing take profit.
Exclusive to CTG!
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This strategy trades the Inner Bars on your chosen trimeframe.
So, for a Long trade, the first Bullish candle encountered will be used a base to compare the next (second) candle, if this candle can fit entirely within the High and Low of the first canclle, an order is placed at the Low price of the first candle, plus a safety margin to catch the 3rd candle when it opens.
Stoploss is set (currently static but I am working on a trailing stoploss to backtest against this strategy which uses a trailing take profit.

CK mods over the original ideas cited below, include tighter stoploss, trailing take profit implementation, definable backtest range.
-> This strategy is intended to use $100 of capital, traded at 2.5% per order with 10x lev on bitmex
-> Best backtesting results (so far) achieved using Bitmex:XBTUSD chart on 27min/31min timeframes

Strategy with modifications by myself, original concept found at:
using original inspiration/idea from