K-Travis Forex-Gold-DJ Strategy VIP1 [scalp]

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K-Travis Forex-Gold-DJ Strategy VIP1
Release Notes:
Version 2
- Convert Source Code from Pincode V3 to Pincode V5
- Addition RSI (14)
- Addition STOCHASTIC (14,4,6) and STOCHASTIC (14,4,8)
- Addition KDJ (10,5)
Release Notes:
Update Version 2.2
- Add setup Pivot point and Trailing stoploss line use ATR 14 period :

Defaut main setting:
+ Pivot point period = 4
+ ATR factor = 1
+ ATR period = 14
Release Notes:
Update 2.3 :
- Add Simple Moving Averages (MA) : MA9, MA52, MA26, MA200, MA20
- Add Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) : EMA3, EMA6, EMA13, EMA34, EMA55, EMA144, EMA200
- Update Buy/Sell condition with more condition combine with EMAs & MA
Release Notes:
Update 3.0:
1. Addition new indicator: "Braid Filter"
Default setup setting :
//MA type options: VWMA (recommended) with Length = 20
//Period Ma1 = 3; Period Ma2 = 7; Period Ma3 = 14

2. Addition : customized Pivot Trailing Stop
Default setup setting:
//Pivot point period = 3
//ATR factor = 2
//ATR period = 14

3. Addition New Signal type with more special conditions with Braid filter and RSI:
Strong Buy / Strong Sell with higher effect in follow trend signals.
Release Notes:
Update 3.0.1
1. Add X Cross signals : display the notice text on Chart to warning that the new Trend is detected and prepare for the new following signals

2. Add Exit Entry conditions with text notify on Chart
Release Notes:
Update 3.1 : Change the new name

K-Travis Forex-Gold-Future-Stock Strategy VIP

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