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This Volume Profile is a charting tool that traders use to show the traded volume amount over a given time period. The reason we build this volume profile indicator is to confirm S&D zones and show where the most volume is resting in a specific given time.

- Auto Placement: Option to have the Volume Profile automatically placed
- Manual Placement: Able to place and move the Volume Profile anywhere of your choosing
- Bull vs. Bear Candle Style
- Up/Down Candle Style
- Highlight Point of Control (PoC)


Focused on combining with SMC:

When trading SMC, normal volume profiles can be confusing and hard to trade - since it will catch the volume on the overall chart you're on. When trading SMC, we are interested in catching specific parts in a range which defines supply or demand.

What makes this volume profile different?

The Sonarlab Volume Profile is focused on combining with SMC, integrated with Smart Money Concepts (SMC) levels, such as the Swing High and Low levels. The Indicator will automatically find the most applicable position using our custom Swing Levels to provide users with maximum utility with zero effort. Where other volume profiles are more focused on overall volume, this volume profile is focused on volume in a specific range on automation using swing points in the market.

As in this example, the high volume areas are matching with traditional supply and demand zones. The price level with the most volume is highlighted by the "point of control" (POC), displayed by the yellow line. We can consider price will react from those "high volume" areas and trade more easily through "low volume" areas.

Release Notes:
- Added option to display the Volume Profile on the right side of price
- Added Value Area Lines
- Minor bug fixes and changes
Release Notes:
- Minor Bug Fixes

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