Blockunity Reversal Identifier (BRI)

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Benefit from a unified view of all potential market reversal or acceleration points.

The Idea
The Reversal Identifier (BRI) is a tool that brings together all the indicators aimed at detecting market reversal points, as well as moments of acceleration. This enables you to visualize all these signals on a single chart. The BRI also detects signals of breakouts and re-entries of key levels, which can affect trend or volatility, on any asset. Don’t let the market take you by surprise, and have all the chances of being oriented in the right direction!

  • BSR & DSI: Blockunity Strength Reversion (BSR) and Dynamic Strength Indicator (DSI) are two in-house tools for efficiently identifying reversal points.
  • Reversal Indicator (CRI): Gives signals that generally occur after a long or strong period of excess.
  • Parabolic RSI (PRSI): Signals that occur in a parabolic phase, in a context of extreme volatility.
  • RSI Slope: Signals based on the slope of a classic RSI curve. It rarely gives false signals, but can miss some.
  • Breakouts: Upward and downward breakout signals, which can indicate a volatility increase or a parabolic phase.
  • False Signal: Signals coming from a false break. This means that the range breaks, but is quickly reintegrated.
  • Retest: This means that a level has been broken in one direction, and the price is now back in contact with this level in the other direction.
  • Trap: Signals of important levels of reintegration, which can be seen as traps designed to reverse the trend and catch market players off-guard.
Release Notes:
  • New data table design. Moreover, it is now fully configurable.
  • A few other design adjustments.
Release Notes:
  • Added an option in the parameters to display a red or green background depending on the state of the CRI.
  • BSR lines are now hidden by default.
  • Some parameter values are now hidden for better readability.
  • Added a version number at the end of the parameters.
Release Notes:
Addition of an alerting system. This alert can be activated by setting the condition "Blockunity Strength Reversion (BSR)" and selecting "Any alert() function call". The alerts sent are as follows:
  • BSR buy and sell signals.
  • RSI Slope buy and sell signals.
Release Notes:
  • Strength Reversion (BSR), Strength Oscillator (BSO) and Breakout Detector (BBD) have merged to become Reversal Identifier (BRI)!
  • Adding Dynamic Strength Indicator signals: The DSI compares the closing price to a 21-day SMA. It calculate averages marks to assess trend strength. A bullish signal occurs when this average turns positive, and a bearish signal when it reaches 1 after being below.
Release Notes:
  • Correction of RSI oversold and overbought limits.

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