Cumulative Volume Delta Estimate @PuppyTherapy

Cumulate Volume Delta is the net difference between the buying and selling at each bar. This is then cumulated over the number of periods you define. In Orderflow trading cumulated volume delta is usually calculated with the help of market buys and market sells. Since we do have access to that kind of information as of now a different approach. I call this script an estimate due to the approach I have chosen to get the information and that is a continuous loop over smaller timeframe calls via a security function.

This approach has been publicly released here:

How to use the indicator?

- on HTF when Moving average changes color from an extreme value.
- Volume divergence - seller volume is decreasing and the price is increasing a strong buying opportunity

This indicator is just an estimate due to the approach chosen. Also, avoid using this on low Satoshi coins due to the nature of the calculation.


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