Where can I find a reliable Pine programmer to hire?

Trusted Pine Programmers for Hire

These are professional Pine programmers we know and endorse. They have an excellent reputation for providing high-quality, paid, custom-coding services in Pine.

While you can inquire to any number of them, it is poor etiquette to send bulk inquiries to all. These programmers are very busy. Finding one who is available and willing to work with you will sometimes be a challenge.

Your business transactions with them involve only you and the programmer. TradingView will not engage in your relationship with the programmers, and we do not benefit from your business with them. We provide this information as a courtesy to our users.

If you have a project:

  • Start by writing down a clear and complete description of your project. The better your description, the more chances you have of finding someone who will code it, and the fewer chances you will suffer cost overruns because of changes you make to requirements as development proceeds.
  • Use each programmer’s introductory text to select the one you feel is the most suitable to your project.
  • Send a private message to the programmer with your project description and any other requirements.
  • The programmer will tell you if he is available and how things will proceed from there.
  • Some programmers will give you a fixed price for the project. Others will provide an estimate of the number of hours required and an hourly rate. Expect to pay a portion of the fee in advance.

These are experienced programmers; you can trust their evaluations. Trying to negotiate unreasonable prices with them will not be to your advantage, as they will simply choose to work with other customers.

Programmers will code the logic that you dictate. While they will ensure your script performs according to your documented requirements, they are in no way responsible for the profitability of the strategies they code. That responsibility is entirely yours.

If you have comments regarding the work provided for you by one of these programmers, post them here.

If you are an advanced Pine coder and would like to be included in this list, send a private message to PineCoders.



Cyato has been writing Pine scripts since 2018 with a focus on strategies, alerts and backtesting. His knowledge of PHP can help you automate through Binance API and webhooks. Speaks French and English.



Architect, Data Scientist, Trader and PineScript Developer. Develops complex strategies, custom indicators, alert systems, screeners, dashboards & other data visualizations. Translations from C#, MT4/5, ThinkScript. Speaks English, Spanish, Russian, Catalonian.



Peter's areas of expertise in Pine Script are alerts, strategies and backtesting. He has been programming in Pine since 2018. He can help automate strategies through TradingConnector, which he is co-author of. Speaks English. 



Full-stack Java developer, sysadmin & dbadmin since 2008. Market enthusiast, trader and Pine Script™ developer since 2018. He can turn your ideas into Pine if you can provide detailed specifications. Speaks English, Spanish and Galician/Portuguese/Brazilian.



Amphibian Trading (Brandon) is a full-time trader and experienced Pine coder. His knowledge of trading strategies and the markets have helped him create useful indicators that all traders can benefit from. Speaks English.



Sol has a B.S. Computer Science and experience in Pine, Java, MySQL and Python. He also used C for parallel programming/clustering. His brain was built for mathematics, with a background in 3D calculus and statistics. His aim is to provide high-quality, user-centric content. Speaks English.



Ex quant trader with seven years of professional experience developing indicators and bots for retail and professional traders. Specialized in Pine, Metatrader/5, LUA (FXCM), and ProRealCode. Speaks English, French, Spanish.



Kris Waters is a full stack developer and Udemy instructor who teaches Pine Script. He has a ten-year professional programming background. He has been creating content and developing strategies for cryptocurrencies since 2017. Speaks Turkish and English.



John has a Master's degree in Computer Science and 30+ years of software engineering experience covering Web, iOS and macOS. He is the author of a mobile app developer book and has written for many publications including PC Magazine, O’Reilly and Dr. Dobb's.



Franklin has created the largest library of C# open-source indicators. He is currently working on an artificial intelligence system that attempts to forecast stock prices. He has written hundreds of Pine scripts, and is also fluent in C#, EasyLanguage, and a few other languages. Speaks English.



Pascal is a full-stack developer with a Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics. With 6+ years experience in Pine Script™ and 10+ years in JavaScript he has specialized in automated trading solutions and web apps. Pascal speaks English and German.



Former math instructor with a background in audio engineering and signal processing. Offers custom indicator and strategy development, as well as conversions to Pine from other platforms. Speaks English.



Heiro has five years of experience programming automated trading solutions in Pine. Fluent in JavaScript, Google apps script/ecosystem, HTML/CSS; learning Python. Emphasis on outside the box thinking, with strengths in quantitative principles, filtration/signal processing, triggers, and automation. Speaks English.



Ten years of experience in software development and. B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Forex, futures, stocks, and options trader for eight years. He is experienced in developing autonomous trading strategies in Pine and JavaScript. Speaks English and Spanish.



MUQWISHI has been knowledgeable in utilizing Pine Script since late 2018, coupled with a strong foundation in mathematics. He's a stocks trader and excels in developing indicators, backtested strategies, screeners, and risk-management tools aimed at enhancing trading performance and simplifying the trading experience. Speaks Arabic and English.



Vitruvius works as a Senior Software Developer and has been developing scripts in Pine since 2018. He spends a good amount of his time helping other Pine developers on StackOverflow. He thinks outside the box and brings ideas to life. His focus is on indicators, strategies, alerts, backtesting, modifying and optimizing existing scripts. Speaks Turkish, English and German.



QuantNomad has 15+ years of programming experience and 7+ years as a Quant in Hedge Funds. He works on complex quant tasks, including options/future backtests, dashboards, and ML signals. Author of numerous popular Pine Script educational materials: articles, YouTube videos, courses, and open-source scripts. He also has R, Python, EasyLanguage, Cloud and DB expertise. Speaks English, Russian, and French.



Sam has a knack for problem solving and is devoted to creating accurate and consistent scripts. He can use your specifications to write Pine Script™ code  to produce results that are both intuitive and visually appealing. Speaks English.



Simon loves to solve tricky problems in Pine. Leaving maths, strategies, and automations to others, he prefers making practical indicators — from scratch or by improving or fixing an existing script, with a focus on clean code and ease of use. Speaks English.



Bachelor of Mathematics (B Math) and skilled full-stack Web developer. Six years of programming experience in JavaScript, Node js, Python, Ruby, and Lua. In the last five years, he has also developed custom indicators, strategies, screeners and advisors in Pine Script®. Speaks English.



Graduated in Computer Sciences, sbtnc has been working as a software developer since 2012. Passionate about trading and statistics, he has been coding indicators in Pine Script since 2018. Speaks English and French.



Joris is an experienced and creative Pine coder who prefers to work on indicators rather than strategies. He can also convert open-source indicators to Pine from other platforms, namely MQL4 and TOS. Speaks English, Dutch, French, German.


Sharad Gaikwad

I am a trader and Pine Script developer who keeps on trying new things. Since 2020 I have developed multiple indicators, strategies, and screeners, including integrations with third-party execution engines. I stay current with new developments in Pine and am active in the Pine community. I speak English, Hindi and Marathi.