I'd like to change the level of my subscription purchased in the mobile app

You can change your subscription level at any time in the App Settings -> Subscription -> Change plan

Android App (from version and upper, versions below may have a different charged order)

When upgrading/downgrading your subscription plan, your new subscription starts once you confirm your purchase. You're going to be charged immediately. All remaining days of your previous subscription are converted into days on the new plan.


  • You have a monthly Essential subscription (26 days left).
  • You upgrade the plan to the Plus level on a monthly basis.
  • You're charged for a new month of service immediately.
  • All remaining Essential days are converted into the days on the Plus plan.

iOS App

If the subscription level is downgraded or its billing period is changed, the plan will be changed, and the funds will be charged after the end of the current subscription period.

When you upgrade your subscription, the new plan will be applied immediately, and any leftover days will be refunded in a few days.

Please note a subscription can be changed on the platform where it was purchased. If it is more convenient for you to subscribe from another platform, you need to cancel the current subscription or its auto-renewal, wait for the subscription to expire and then subscribe again from the corresponding platform.