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Dec 172021

Adding stablecoins to the snowball

Avalanche’s new stablecoin addition sends prices erupting.

  • The token jumped 16% on Wednesday, joining in on a broader crypto rally prompted by Fed Chair Jerome Powell saying stablecoins aren’t a risk to the financial system.
  • The Ethereum rival added USD Coin (USDCUSD) to its arsenal as it makes a push for stablecoin diversity on its blockchain, which will promote stability on the network and is key for any emerging Layer 2 solution.
  • It’s diving head first into De-Fi. The new addition builds on a recent $200m De-Fi project fund, which gave it the liquidity it needs to explore the growing sector.
Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash
Nov 292021

A snowdog pulls the rug out

Avalanche jumps on the bandwagon with its first dog-themed memecoin, but the Snowdog has dragged investors through the dirt so far. Can anyone say rug pull?

  • The network launched the Snowdog token, which lost 90% of its value in a few hours this weekend after hitting $44m in value in just eight short days on the market.
  • A massive buyback ended in failure, but the development team swears that it was an 8-day “game-theory experiment” gone wrong instead of a rug pull.
  • The Avalanche token lost 14% last week after a five week bull run that saw prices soar 130%.
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Nov 222021

Dogecoin gets buried in an Avalanche

Avalanche ousts Doge from its spot on the top 10 crypto list, after hiking up 110% this month alone.

  • Avalanche hit an all-time high of $150 on Sunday, overtaking both Dogecoin (DOGEUSD) and Shiba Inu (SHIBUSD) with a $35.1bn market cap.
  • Deloitte inked a deal with Ava Labs, which founded Avalanche, to build an Avalanche-based blockchain platform last week. Prices are up 25% since then.
  • Ava Labs is investing in a big way, launching a $200m Blizzard Fund to help developers that want to deploy apps on the blockchain and boost the token’s utility.
Krzysztof Kowalik / Unsplash
Nov 182021

Feeling on top of the world

Smart-contracts platform Avalanche’s native token is quickly climbing to the snowy mountain top after its parent company partners with one of the Big Four.

  • The AVAX token lifted 9% to a new ATH on Wednesday, bucking the crash that took down the rest of the crypto market.
  • Deloitte inked a deal with Ava Labs, which founded Avalanche, to build an Avalanche-based blockchain platform that helps natural disaster victims. Great idea – not sure the name goes that well with the cause though.
  • It’s a key competitor to Ethereum and has climbed the ranks this month as Layer 1 blockchains, now up over 60% for the month and 3,200% for the year.
Illustration by TradingView