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MU They are really trying to make us bleed

MU why are they pinning MU down like this lol. Bunch of jackass

MU i stuck to MU and missed out on SAP. damn. That sad. You better get your shyt together MU

MU more buys than sells

MU be strong guys, this should pop up any days now. Been down for so long now

MU Damn, who is selling/shorting this.
Thanks to the sellers I can dca much lower

This is the best valued tech stock in this inflated market.

MU No matter how a candle of this stock go on a bull, the next candle is a bear of the same proportion. At this point, it is laughable because it's like someone somewhere is manipulating the movement.

MU Stellar earnings, great q3 projection, going profitable again in 2024, yet still dipping.
This is the value king of tech stock.
MU These two old mofos making comments that eff up the chip market.
MU Thats brutal