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This ETN was delisted after the market close on April 12, 2018, and now trades over-the-counter on the pink sheets. As a result, shareholders should anticipate ultra-wide spreads, minimal trading volumes, and prices well above or below NAVs. The note has been replaced by SGGB, which provides identical exposure. SSG dominates the sugar ETP segment. The fund tracks an index that provides exposure to sugar by rolling into a contract anywhere from two to five months out, according to a fixed schedule, and holding until shortly before expiration. This particular strategy considers the lifecycle of the sugar plantholding longer contracts during the winter months and shorter contracts during the summer. It also allows the index to hold the most liquid sugar contracts during the year. Because of this unique tenor strategy, expect to see some deviation from our segment benchmark, which utilizes a front-month-only strategy. However, since SSG`s competitors, CANE and SGAR, use laddered and optimized tenor strategies, respectively, SGG aligns more closely to the segment benchmark than the competition.


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