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TradingView has major economic events right to your charts:

Events on chart

As you know, we have added option to show most important events on FOREX, BitCoin and CFD charts. Now you can see even more events on intraday and 1 day charts! Orange (normal importance) and yellow (low importance) events are displayed on low timeframe charts, where they may affect price movements. There is no need to configure anything, our intelligent system picks events for current chart timeframe for you.

You can configure Events on "Events & Alerts" tab in chart properties. You can set chart either to show all events, or only coming events for your analysis.

Settings on chart


You can find a calendar of events on the right panel:

Events on the right panel

Depending on the color indicator, events can be:

  • Red – very important
  • Orange - normal importance
  • Yellow - low importance

You can configure the calendar to see only the info you need and hide everything else.


The button “Closest Events” will help you quickly switch to nearest one.

Closest Events