Key Hidden Levels

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Indicator package in the TradingView AppStoreKey Hidden Levels.

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It includes the following indicators:

  • Earnings Price Support;
  • Options Price Support;
  • Range Movement;
  • UDIO Bars.

The Tim West Studies are designed to help you see key hidden levels in a stock chart so you are more prepared to assess where it might go in the future. The levels are fundamental to how markets work and relate to 16 important “battle” dates each year out of more than 250 bars to confuse you. We take the relevant days and make them stand out. Which days? The 4 days a year that companies report EARNINGS and the 12 monthly options expiration days. With the power of TradingView, you can now view graphs of these important dates, with a proprietary twist, that allows you to see where buyers or sellers may still be lurking long after the earnings report is forgotten by the average traders. In order to be above average, you need to have more information than everyone else.