Semiconductor Supplyer? Nikon & Canon

A lot of talk of semiconductor shortage is around. Mostly you hear today: TSMC, ASML, AMD, INTEL, NVIDIA etc.

But there are two important producers:

Nikon and Canon.... Sure there is also Zeiss, but this delivers to ASML.

This is older but you see how the market shares where 2016:

First clearly ASML, than NIKON and CANON.

Think about it, ASML produces as much as possible in the last years, but since semiconductor market raise demands, who should you select, when ASML can not deliver in time or is to expensive?


Nikon want to be not longer depend on INTEL only:
Canon also lunched a new system last year: roboticsandautomatio...graphy-system/34001/

AS demand rises for semiconductors and there are a lot of startups in silicon valley want to create new kind of chips:

In the end, they need this machines now (before!!!) they can sell their product. For sure, they buy from TSMC most of the time, but how should TSMC expand? (or Samsung, INTEL)

So I think it is a good general investment in Semiconductors right now to go Nikon & Canon.

Actually they are not hyped or in focus, but maybe will in the next year or even this year? A good long term invest is possible in both stocks! Most people only think digital cameras are outdated (and they are right), but this is not the only product this companies have to offer!