Time to sell AAPL ???

KGI Securities, which is known for making the most accurate predictions for Apple products and quarterly result, published some bad news on AAPL this week .

1. KGI is now forecasting ZERO or negative growth of iPhone sales in Q4 2015. Basically saying that the upcoming iPhone 6s wont be good enough to grow apple phone business.

2. China weak economy will have a negative impact on sales of the iPhone.

KGI expect AAPL to sell 'only' 65 to 75 million phone in the last quarter of the 2015 ( compared to 75 million iphone sold in Q4 2014).

I will continue to hold AAPL in my portfolio, it's a great stock with very nice dividend yield. But if you must sell , sell it at the end of the month if the stock trade below $111.17.




I get the comments but not the entry technique Algokid. I hope you can remind us to look at this level at month end since it is so far away from now. Can you re-publish at month-end? Also, how successful is KGI at forecasting AAPL and have you see their performance of their AAPL recommendations? Thanks for considering my requests and questions. Cheers.
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Algokid timwest
Hi Tim ,

Yes , I will provide more detail on the entry and exit at the end of the month. I published a chart show the entry a while back. I will include it in my next analysis
I'm currently short AAPL from today's gap and my downside targets are T1 109 T2 106 and T3 100