Volume-Weighted Divergence Play on AAPL 10R via NEXT RSI

NEXT RSI Divergence Play: Key Concepts

- NEXT RSI is a low-lag, volume-weighted momentum oscillator that often precedes price action

- Divergence play resets at each open (do not count prior session's highs and lows)

- Use as you would other divergence strategies: higher price highs, lower NEXT RSI highs = bearish ; lower price lows, higher NEXT RSI lows = bullish

-Use a preset TP / SL and/or close if NEXT RSI retraces back to last relevant high or low

Target Market:
- AAPL 10R Chart
- can be used with almost any market; volatility helps

Order Management:

- Enter on forming divergence, 2 or more clearly separated peaks or troughs

- TP / SL at 30 cents ( AAPL )

- Exit if price retraces to the last NEXT RSI top or bottom referenced when opening the position

- Additional NEXT RSI strategies can be discovered using the free companion NEXT Strategy Visualizer
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