Shorting Apple w/c 18/09 [2017] - TP w/e 12/01 [2018]

I think a Bearish trend is forming after twice (May & July [2017) it was left overbought (highlighted in green through the Andrew's Pitchfork ); the release of the next Apple product/s are keeping it outside of this zone (highlighted in purple through the Parallel channel ) where, soon, further slumping of Apple will occur until* w/e 12/ 01 or w/c 15/ 01 where re-entry to the Andrew's Pitchfork will be tapped; I suggest shorting w/c 18/09 and pending the outcome of the following reports (see below) results should have proved a nice investment, jumping out w/e 12/ 01 or w/c 15/ 01 is suggested:

09/12/17 HP INC : UBS Best of Americas Conference
09/12/17 | 01:00pm LOGITECH INTERNATIONAL SA : Annual General Meeting
09/12/17 | 09:20pm HP INC : Deutsche Bank Technology Conference
09/12/17 | 10:40pm HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE CO : Deutsche Bank Technology Conference
10/25/17: FY 2017 Earnings Release (Projected);

The above results information came from the following page:

*Dare I use (The link here came from Andrew's Pitchfork schooling at Electronic Arts as an example from Oct-Dec 2007 - - and suggest that Apple may crash harder than expected and instead of TP at 155.22 we TP at 142.21 instead.